Ten useful tips for MS Word Learners

Microsoft Word is world processing program and an impartment part of Ms Office. This program used worldwide for word processing. Below are some
useful tips and tracks which will help you in using Ms World easily:

  1. Selection of whole document, Paragraph and Sentence.

      For selecting a sentence press the control button and click (Ctrl + mouse click)

      For selecting a paragraph click the mouse three times rapidly (three mouse clicks)

        For selecting the whole Document press control+ A (CTRL +A)

  1. Find and Replace:to find a word or phrase press Control + F(Ctrl +F) a new dilogbox will open find the text and replace with the desired one time or replace it every time it emerge in the document.
  2. Removing Formatting from text: press CTROL+ Sheft+Z it will remove all format from the selected text. To undo press CTR+Z
  3. Print command form keyboard. Press Ctrl+P the print dilogbox will open
  4. Subscript and Superscript: (Ctrl+) pressing Ctrl and + will name the selected word subscript and +) pressing Ctrl+Shift and + will name the selected word superscript and
  5. Increasing and Decreasing Font Size: pressing ( cntrl+[  )will decrease the font size and pressing ( cntrl+]  ) will increase the font size of selected text.
  6. Create a table promptly: For quickly creating a table during typing type the  plus sign (+) then give a Tab key; then type a  plus (+) sing and then do this for desired number of cells you want to create then press entre.(+           +          +          + and press enter will create a 4 column table)
  7. Inserting Screen short to your Document: Press the Print Screen button on keyboard then press Cntrl+V (or past) the Screen will be inserted into your document.
  8. Animated Text: Select the text you want to animate. Right-click on text and choose “Font” from the popup menu that appears. Then select “Animation” tab. Select the desired animating and press “OK”. Your text will start animating.

Toggle through CASE Changes: for quickly change the case of text from Title to UPPER CASE  and Wise versa press (shift +F3) it will change the case


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