LIVE DVD of Latest Versions of Koha, DSPACE, SLIMS WordPress, Joomla on Ubuntu 18.0.4

Post installation process

  1.     Create library-koha user using the following command:                               Sudo adduser library-koha

             (system will ask for super user password enter the super user password Provide the password for library-koha user  according to your choice and provide the other information as asked)

  2.     Start apache2 using the following command                                                                   
    1.                       sudo service apache2 start
  3.     Change the permissions of Koha Conf.xml file

           Open New terminal by right clicking on desktop and then click open terminal. Execute the following common

                                 sudo chmod 755  /etc/koha/conf.xml

  4. Accessing Koha Admin and OPAC form browsers: 

              Open Firefox Browser and type localhost: 8088 in address bar it open koha administrator 


 Package     Koha (Admin)         Koha OPAC Dspace SLiMS WordPress Joomla
URL  http://localhost:8088/ http://localhost:8089/ http://localhost:8080/jspui http://localhost/slims http://localhost/wordpress http://localhost/joomla
User Name: librarian admin admin admin
Password:  Dsi@2018   dsi@2018 dsi@2018 Faheem@2018 dsi@2018


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