LIVE DVD of Latest Versions of Koha, DSPACE, SLIMS WordPress, Joomla on Ubuntu 18.0.4

Overview of Koha-DSPACE-SLiMS  Live DVD

This live DVD is based on Ubuntu (desktop) 18.0.4 the current latest release of Ubuntu. The DVD Comprising the following LIS & CMS packages:

  • Koha 18.0.4
  • Dspace 6.3
  • SLiMS 8.3.1
  • WordPress 4.8
  • Joomla 4.9

All the required packages to run the above software are properly configured and all them start working at the installation of Ubuntu with few modification.

The DVD is for the learning purpose of LIS professionals and students. Library professional and students with miniature IT background find the installation of above packages in Linux based operation system very tough. All the packages are ready to use with installation of DVD.

Note: This DVD  is configured for learning purpose. For implantation of these packages please use the standard installation procedure of each package. 

Installation procedure

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