Koha Live DVD

A Guide to Koha ( Integrated Library Management System)


The live DVD is based on Ubuntu operating system version 18.0.4 (desktop).containing Koha  18.0.5. Koha is Integrated Library Management System adopted World Wide for Library Computerization. It is adopted by Thousands of Libraries for management of libraries and the numbers are increasing rapidly. Koha is in operation for more than ten years.

 The Live DVD is for learning purpose of Librarians and Library and Information Science students. Most of LIS professional and students find it difficult to install Koha on Ubuntu or any other flavo

Step-III   Start Installation from the installation shortcut provided on disktop.

 Note: the installation is same as the installation of Ubuntu normal installation.

Post installation process

   1st Create library-koha user using the following commonds

          Sudo adduser library-koha

        (system will ask for super user password enter the super user password)

        Provide the passowed for library-koha user and information as asked.

After creating koha-library user start apache2 using the following command

 Sudo service apache2 start

  1. Change the permissions of Koha Conf.xml file

Open terminal by right clicking on desktop and then click open terminal

Execute the following common

Sudo chmod 7555  /etc/koha/conf.xml

  1. Open Firefox Browser and type localhost: 8088 in address bar.

Note: localhost:8088 is used for koha administration and localhost:8089 is used for Koha Online public access Catalog  (OPAC)

The user Name for koha administrator is: librarian

                                       And passowerd: dsi@2018>

The Live DVD created by Faheem Akbar for more details he may be contacted through email onlinevws@gmail.com

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